President Goto appears on the US innovation leader program ‘Progress, Potential, and Possibilities’.

Progress, Potential, and Possibilities is a US platform program that interviews innovation leaders focused on ‘creating a better tomorrow’ for humanity.

Targeting a variety of STEM topics such as health, agriculture, energy, space, environment and technology, the programme has interviewed a range of guests across industry, academia and government, from Fortune 500 companies to university start-ups. 

This time, our representative, Dr Goto, was offered to appear on the show and talk about why he started his space business as a neurosurgeon, and even his vision for the future.

The interview is in English and lasts about 30 minutes, and the summary is as follows. Please listen to it.

‘I decided to contribute as a neurosurgeon in an era when many people will be going into space. Now I am doing research on brain changes in space and supporting national and international companies and researchers in the medical field in their space business.’