Message from the President

Our mission is “to keep people healthy in space and to develop terrestrial medicine by utilizing space technology and research.

Many people know that the space industry is expected to be a new growth industry for Japan, and various companies are trying to enter this field.

How will the field of “medical care” create new value in the future?

One is medical care for the general public when they fly and stay in space in the future.

Aerospace medical knowledge will be necessary not only for healthy astronauts, but also for the elderly, children, and people with illnesses or handicaps in order for them to safely travel to space.

We have many physicians with experience in this field, and we believe that they can make expert judgments.

The other is life science research that takes advantage of the microgravity environment of space. Significant scientific achievements have been made in the fields of drug discovery, regenerative medicine, and aging medicine, which will directly lead to the health of people living on the ground.

In addition, medical care derived from space technology, such as the use of satellite data to predict diseases affected by air pollution and rising temperatures and the application of telemedicine technology to areas with low medical population, are expected to greatly advance medical care on the ground.

The Space Medical Accelerator is a space-based medical accelerator that will provide new medical treatment from space to all people.

Space Medical Accelerator will do its best to develop space medicine as an industry.

Space Medical Accelerator President Masayuki Goto

Board Members

Representative Director

Masayuki Goto

・Doctor of Medicine
・Space medicine researcher


Hiroki Fukushima

・Space equipment manufacturer
・Research and Development Division Engineer


Takuma Ishibashi

・Medical Student,
The University of Tokyo School of Medicine


Yoshika Saito

・Medical Student,
Kyoto University School of Medicine


Keitaro Senoo

・Doctor of Medicine


Hiroyuki Konno

・Doctor of Medicine


Toshihide Higashino

・Doctor of Medicine


Solla Mikazuki (Business Name)



Hitoshi Tange

・Orthopedic surgeon


Rei Nakaebisu

・Emergency physician


Ikiru Matsumoto

・Healthcare Business Development


Syungo Kuromatsu

・Medical Student,
Osaka Public University School of Medicine


Satoshi Ito

・University of Tokyo Graduate School Graduate Student
Aging-Related Disease Researchers


General Incorporated Association Space Medical Accelerator

Tsukuba Startup Park, 2-5-1 Azuma, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0031, Japan

【Purpose of the Corporation】
 Contribute to industry-academia-government collaboration to create medical healthcare technologies and services required for human space exploration and related new terrestrial medical technologies.

 1.Propose expertise and business strategies to companies aiming to enter the space market in the relevant field, and implement co-creation projects.
 2.Introduce partner companies and research institutes to companies aiming to enter the space market in the relevant field, and serve as intermediaries between the parties involved.
 3.Assistance in obtaining research funding for companies seeking to conduct research and development in the field of space medicine.
 4.Planning, organizing, and assisting in the planning of space-themed sessions and events at medical societies.
 5.All business activities incidental or related to the above items.

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