Business Coordination

The medical healthcare market in space is expected to grow in the future, and new entrants are becoming increasingly active. On the other hand, unlike on the ground, severe constraints occur in space, where medical resources are limited. By devising ways to break through these constraints, new technologies and values may be created in the medical healthcare business on the ground.

We hope to help explore new knowledge in order to develop new markets.

Lecture Seminars

There are countless issues that will need to be resolved in space medicine, many of which have much in common with medicine on the ground.

How will the human body change in space, and what new medical treatments will be created on the ground from the unique perspective of space?

Our medical experts with knowledge of space medicine will provide easy-to-understand explanations for business, education, and other purposes.


Basic Service Plan

item1.Regular Contract Support Plan2.Spot support plan3.Basic Knowledge Acquisition Plan
period3 months to 1 year1 time 60 min1 time 60 min

・Support for your projects related to medical care in space (frequency to be discussed according to your budget)
・Regular provision of our analysis materials
・One 60-minute business consultation
・Participate in your company meeting and answer your questions
・In-house lectures and seminars
・General commentary on space medicine
・Commentaries on specific themes of your choice

Features of our services

Expertise in space medicine

We have a large number of medical professionals who are well versed in medical care in space.

We have accumulated a wealth of information ranging from the latest medical research to overseas business information, and disseminate this information in an easy-to-understand manner to the general public.

Business Strengths

We have professional business consultants on staff, and we also work with outside consulting firms to assist you as needed. We can guarantee the quality of our proposals.

Support Achievements/Examples

Mr. Goto speaks at Italy Innovation Day 2023

On December 12, at the request of the Italian Embassy in Japan, our CEO, Mr. Goto, spoke at Italy Innovation D […]

In-house Lecture at Ajinomoto Co.

We were invited to give a lecture at Ajinomoto Bio-Fine Research Laboratories. The themes were “Human Im […]


「夢を育てる」「どんな大人になって、どんなことをしたいのか」を学ぶプログラムDream Drivenにおいて、「宇宙」「医療」「起業」というテーマで代表の後藤が小学校低学年のお子さんにオンライン授業を行いました。多くのお […]

Flow of Consultation

1. Free Consultation
(Online Meeting)

We will ask you about your current situation and concerns for your space business in an online meeting.
The initial online consultation is free of charge.

2. Proposal and estimate

If you wish, we will propose a “support plan and estimate” based on the content of the hearing.
If the plan does not meet your expectations, please feel free to reject it.

3. Start of support

After signing the contract, we will provide sincere support for the realization of the space project.

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