Participation as an expert company in the global space medicine business platform ”Human In Space”.

Organised by Boryung of Korea, Human In Space (HIS) Challenge is an idea competition that supports start-ups and researchers tackling space healthcare and medical challenges associated with deep space human exploration and healthcare issues on the ground by utilising space. This year will be the third year of the program.
Humans In Space (

In collaboration with global partners, for HIS Finalists, 2024 HIS offers up to $250 thousand as ‘Orbital Launch Funding’ for startups and researchers, which supports research experiments to be sent to orbit. Startups may also choose to receive $50 thousand equity funding. In the past years, HIS has invested in Startups that develop technology of artificial retina developed with microgravity, AI-driven data collection gear and analytical software that enables long-term brain monitoring in space.

The application period for 2024 HIS is from 1 May to 27 June 2024, and we(Space Medical Accelerator) partnered with Human In Space as an expert company in space medicine and healthcare.
For this program, we will do everything we can to help the start-up and research of ‘challenging new healthcare from space’.